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Me? Get Therapy? Ugh!

How to get help if you can’t afford/ find/or stand to talk to a therapist

Jean Anne Feldeisen
5 min readFeb 4, 2020


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Is this you?

I have 24 years of experience sitting across from people who come to my office for therapy. I know this is hard, especially if it’s your first time. I try to make you feel comfortable, listen carefully, accept you right where you are today, and give you some hope that you can feel better. And, I know that therapy is helpful to most of you.

But some people can’t do it,

for many different reasons. Maybe you have no insurance or money right now, maybe you are too frightened to leave your house, maybe you hate the thought of spilling your guts to some stranger. Maybe you have tried several times with different therapists but they all drove you crazy. Maybe when you’re ready to talk to someone there’s no one available. Maybe it’s just not for you at this time in your day or your life or maybe ever.

Not that seeing someone professional wouldn’t be helpful, mind you, but for whatever reason, you CANNOT DO IT NOW. I get you. I’d like to help. I don’t have a foolproof plan figured out for doing this on your own. I still recommend you see a therapist. But since you “can’t” right now, here are some other ideas.

Several things could be helpful

  • A certain attitude
  • Some props
  • At least one good person
  • Exercise
  • A structure

Attitude is key.

This is the most important part.

You need to decide that you want to go on living and that taking care of yourself is worthwhile and important.

(If you are not able to agree to the first part you need professional help and should contact a doctor, counselor or emergency service immediately.)

But assuming a baseline of wanting to live, can you agree that you want to help…



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