When running away is not an option

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I also take advantage of every opportunity to go outside

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Third part of the series I rescued from the Medium archives

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continued from September 19, 2017

My last post was just before my birthday. On June 30, right after my trip to Pemaquid, I learned that my husband’s twin brother had been in a horrific automobile accident that was to prove fatal. This is the reason for my abandonment of this writing project. I don’t want…

Who knows how it will appear in the coming days

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My Daily Practice Series — rescued from the Medium archives

June 2, 2017- My Piano

I have an antique seven-foot Steinway grand piano which I’ve carted around from home to home since about 1973. It was built in 1882. My husband bought it for me for $1200 soon after we were married, and we’ve put a few thousand dollars into it over the years. But…

Even though my Daily Practice Series has been sent to the Medium archives, I keep playing

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The little house on Brook Lane

Our original home was a depression house built in 1938, two small rooms and an outhouse outside. When my parents bought it in 1948, it was already ten years old. It was located in a rural area…

I’ve got some different rules for my own house.

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Why we should see other people in a rainbow of colors

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Jean Anne Feldeisen

I've got my fingers in way too many pots. Cook, writer, poet, reader, musician, therapist, dreamer, a transplant from New Jersey suburbs to a farm in Maine.

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